How to Get More Tips as a Server: 5 Tips & Tricks

Happy Customers = Happy Wallet

As your customers are happier, your wallet will be too. Especially if you are having a tough day, delivering an awesome experience for your guests can be a challenge. But you are up to the challenge!

Here are some tips to help you improve your customer service. And bank account! There aren’t two opinions about the fact that poor customer service kills the business.

Everyone who works in a restaurant must follow these 6 tips to improve your customer service:

1. Smiley Happy People

Always give your customers a very warm welcome accompanied by a smile. Be friendly, kind and proactive. Let your customers know that you are their host. And you are there to serve them and their satisfaction is your primary purpose.

When you show a genuine interest, that is not forced or artificial, guests will respond to this. Be confident and always ready to respond to customer requests. Make customers feel comfortable and safe.

2. Equality, Please

You should provide a good service to every customer. Try not to be biased with a customer, because there are no small or less important customers. All customers should be treated equally and should be provided with excellent service so that they desire to come again.

3. Be Human

Do you ever feel like you are just going through the motions? Well, try to be present in the moment when you are serving. Try not to recite the special menu or repeat the drink list as a poem. Ha!

When all the dishes are served, ask if there is anything else they want. As a server, you must know all the details of each of the dishes offered by the restaurant.

4. When to Say You’re Sorry

The complaint made by the customer is probably not your fault, but that really does not matter.

As a representative of a restaurant, you should offer an apology. Remember, a restaurant that apologizes is a restaurant that cares about its customers. Try not blame others and do not be afraid to say sorry. It can reassure and comfort the customer. Show empathy and then try to solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

5. Keep Calm and Help

The more customers enter your restaurant, the more often it will be your turn to respond to the demands of an angry customer.

In these situations, the golden rule is very simple, keep your calm. If you also get angry, there is no way you can reach any understanding. What you have to do is listen to the customer patiently, understand the problem, show empathy and offer a solution.

You are doing a really hard job, steeped with challenges ranging from food not being ready, being short-staffed, fussy clients—but try not to forget the benefits of the hospitality industry.

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