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  Company Profile
Chef Juan’s culinary background reflects the bold traditions of the South, including Louisiana Cajun and Creole, Texas BBQ, Low Country Cuisine from the Carolinas, and a little kick from Mexico. Put all that together and you get Succotash Southern & Creole Kitchen! Juan and Sam DiGiulio, make a great team. Juan brings the creative inspiration, and Sam brings the financial know-how and moral support. The couple founded the Succotash Food Truck in June 2018. Soon after the launch, Juan’s mom Susan got involved to run the day-to-day operations. But the real beginning of Succotash was in South Louisiana where DiGiulio was born and raised. Growing up where the love of food and celebration is legendary, he was exposed early on to the art of great cooking. His fondest memories are of crawfish boils, family gatherings, and time spent feasting at his family’s Italian restaurant. While the family restaurant sparked his inspiration, he continued to develop his skills working in restaurants in Baton Rouge, London, and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. He returned to Durham in 2007 where he has worked in some of Durham’s best-known establishments, including Nana’s, Vin Rouge, Piedmont, and Namu.
  Job Title
Sous Chef
  Job Type

Background Check Required ?: no

Drug Test Required ? : yes

Job Available To Applicants Ages 14 To 16? :yes

  Hourly Rate
17 - 19