Job for Line Cook

9/ 10

Page Road Grill

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  • Does your business provide a living wage for all of your employees?  
  • Is your business willing to work with your community to support organizations for things such as mentorship for other hospitality workers, perform mock interviews, teach classes to non profit "hospitality" organizations, work to support ProStart and things like this?  
  • Is your business willing to work with people new to the industry and provide the training and support? 
  Rating Questions
  • Do You Provide Health Insurance For Employees?
  • Do You Provide Benefits To Employees?
  • Do You Hold Regular Meetings With Employees?
  • Does Your Company Promote Within?
  • Does Your Company Pay Above Minimum Wage And/Or Possible Overtime?
  • Does Your Company Provide On The Job Continuous Training?
  • Does Your Company Provide Uniforms For Employees
  • Has Your Company Been In Business For More Than 3 Years?
  • Does Your Company Offer Flexible Scheduling?
  • Do Your Provide Staff Meals Or Discounted Meals?
  Company Profile
Page Road Grill is currently seeking talented, personable individuals to join our back of house team. As a member of the Chapel Hill Restaurant Group, Page Road Grill is dedicated to providing quality service and outstanding food at an affordable price. We are committed to creating the best possible dining experience every moment for our guests. If you consider yourself a hard-working, efficient person and are interested in learning culinary skills from the best, then give this opportunity serious thought.
  Job Title
Line Cook
  Hourly Rate
depends on experience